Meet the Bootcamper: Hales

Meet the Bootcamper: Hales

Our bootcamper in the spotlight this time is Hales, the determined Essex-ite who was one of Charlie’s first campers – then recently bounced back to Histon camp with a bang. Read on to find out more…

Hello! Please introduce yourself in 10 words:

Determined Essex bird with a playful and slightly nutty disposition…

Which camp do you go to most often?

Histon Road Rec.

Whereabouts do you live?

St Neots.

What keeps you busy (besides bootcamp?)

Adoring auntie, agony aunt, amusing (!) author… and other things that begin with ‘A’.

Burpees or inchworms?

As much as I love Burpees (don’t we all), it has to be inchworms!

Early or evening exercise?

Evening. I’m as useful as a chocolate teapot in the mornings…

When did you start bootcamping? Why?

I was one of Charlie’s first bootcampers way back in the day, because I needed a strong (and patient) person to kick me back in to shape.

What keeps you coming back?

The variety of workouts, the attention to detail on technique and the awesome ‘specials’ that I train with.

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

“Hales! Just coz it’s dark, it doesn’t mean I can’t see you’re not doing the burpees…!”
Charlie Wall, Dec 2014

What type of bootcamp activity is your favourite?

Boxing, baby!

What’s your favourite clean treat to eat?

Carrots with an avocado, black pepper and lime dip.

Do you do any other exercise other than bootcamp?

I do other kettlebell classes now and then, plus swim in the summer.  I also try to get in a three-mile walk in my lunchtimes, as many times as I can.

Do you have a goal for 2015?

I developed pneumonia at the end of 2013, which left me with a steroid weight gain, a weakened lung capacity and severe asthma. My goal this year is simply to be able to complete ONE bootcamp without wheezing like a cat coughing up a furball…

Tell us an insider tip: what’s your favourite thing to do in Cambridge (other thanbootcamp, obvs)

Punting, trying out different eateries and/or pubs, watching the world go by from a café.

What’s your best piece of advice for new bootcampers?

Yes, it’s hard. Nothing worth doing is ever easy… but keep pushing and you will never have more fun getting fit!