Meet the Bootcamper: Jo

Meet the Bootcamper: Jo

Meet this month’s bootcamper in the spotlight…

Hello! Please introduce yourself in 10 words:
Hello, I’m Jo AKA Clarky, and this is more than 10 words, oops.

Which camp do you go to most often?
I make appearances at all three camps, but Parkers Piece is my original camp.

Whereabouts do you live?
Coleridge Road, Cambridge.

What keeps you busy (besides bootcamp?)
I’m an illustrator so I draw stuff and run my business from home. I also love cooking these days!

Burpees or inchworms?
Urgh neither…

Early or evening exercise?
Early morning for me.

When did you start bootcamping? Why?
I think it was about four years ago. I had been having trouble with my lower back which was caused by sitting at a desk, and also I saw a photo of myself that pretty much sealed the deal and convinced me that I had to start moving. I’d been looking for a bootcamp to join and Frostie and myself discovered CBC – never looked back!

What keeps you coming back?
I feel better mentally and physically when I’ve been to Bootcamp and had a giggle with the other ladies – oh and an awesome workout, of course 😉 Bootcamp days are always better.

What’s your favourite motivational quote?
I have a few that go through my head: the first one that comes to mind is ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’

What type of bootcamp activity is your favourite?

What’s your favourite clean treat to eat?
Little home made chocolate ball thingies, made from whizzed up dates, nuts and coco – yum!

Do you do any other exercise other than bootcamp?
Trying to make it to Parkrun on Saturday mornings – and I am hoping to take up swimming again soon.

Do you have a goal for 2015?
I would like to keep up the clean eating as a permanent change, which recently I started up again through the awesome CBC Accountability Group.

Tell us an insider tip: what’s your favourite thing to do in Cambridge (other than bootcamp)
I do get very excited when the ‘Curly Kale’ pop up cafe do their thing hosted at a pub in Cambridge once a month. Top tip: book a table for early in the evening or go for lunch. They do delicious Vegan and GF food!

What’s your best piece of advice for new bootcampers?
Stick with it, believe in yourself and yes – you can reach your goals! Oh and above all, always listen to Charlie 😉