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A very warm welcome to Cambridge Bootcamps for women of all ages and fitness levels!  Our goal is to help you really kick-start your fitness dreams as a part of a supportive and fun fitness programme.

Designed for women by women, Cambridge Bootcamps uses proven life-changing techniques to achieve a healthy perspective and shapely results. We can help you understand nutrition and what fuels our bodies, plus aid you in progressively challenging yourself and see you make fantastic, like-minded friends along the way! Cambridge Bootcamps understand women, so our camps have been specially created to help our ladies feel good about themselves and ultimately feel comfortable in their bodies.

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Cambridge Bootcamps brings the Bootcamps + community to your phone for the first time – Step into one of our camps across Cambridge, charged with music, laughter and enthusiasm to start changing your attitudes to food, your perspectives on health – and ultimately your shape as well – to become the woman you KNOW you can be. If you are not in Cambridge, don’t worry, this new app will provide workouts, community, connection, support and motivation.




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Take a look at some of the great results our Bootcamps have achieved.

“Unlike the American army-style boot camps with lots of testosterone, this bootcamp is encouraging and entertaining at the same time. You feel like everyone is supporting you, nobody is judging and the only one you’re really in competition with is yourself.

“I only lasted two weeks exercising in front of the TV in the evening, but twice a week I drag myself out of the flat to bootcamp – as that is the only way that I’m ever going to get any exercise. It’s working though – I’ve lost two inches off my waist and about two stone. I don’t keep an exact record but you notice when your trousers that were too tight start to fall down!

“The thing that is also unique about Cambridge Bootcamps is the added value that comes through the online support sites. There’s so much nutritional advice that’s not only simple to follow, but which also explains why we should make these nutritional decisions. In a society that’s growing in obesity and terminal illnesses, it is refreshing to find a sound and a sensible guide to a healthier lifestyle.”

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