CBC Loves | Apps for health

CBC Loves | Apps for health
We’re not advocating you quit bootcamp and just use these marvellous bits of downloadable software to get fit – far from it! However – there are so many brilliant apps out there to help you calm your mind, track your eating or map your run routes, that we thought we’d share some current favourites downloaded to our phones and tablets.

1. Headspace
Billed as a gym membership for the mind, this meditation app provides a ten-day mindfulness course for free, allowing you to dip your toe in the water and see if it makes a difference before signing up for their full offering. The ‘Take 10’ challenge involves ten minutes of guided quiet thinking each day, and is recommended as part of our Accountibility Group – so if you’re seeking a quieter mind, this could be a good place to start.
2. Strava
One for the more competitive amongst our ranks: this clever app uses GPS to track your adventures on foot or by bike and ranks you against other people who’ve raced the same route. It’s a great way to fire that competitive spirit without having a running club or cycling gang to hand. But be warned, it’s pretty addictive: you’ll soon find yourself pushing harder to beat “John from Wisbech” and claim a tiny strip of Fenland pathway for your own…
3. MyFitnessPal
Lousy name: amazing app. This is the absolute daddy of all food diaries – you can use this to record your daily meals, snacks and water intake, and it’ll calculate your nutritional intake to ensure a good balanced diet. You can enter recipes from scratch – or even scan barcodes on foodstuffs – and the app automatically logs the nutritional info to your personal diary. If you’re trying to stay on top of your eating, download this one now.
Got a favourite app we’ve missed from this lineup? Share it in the Facebook group or on OUTFIT – and we’ll do another roundup of brilliant apps and digital tools soon!