Charlie Wall featured on LUFFIT

Charlie Wall featured on LUFFIT

This week I was honoured to be featured as “Inspirer of the week” on the website LUFFIT!

I will be writing a little bit about LUFFIT in another post, but if you’re interested in my background and how I got into fitness then have a read…

“This weeks Inspirer is the remarkable Charlie Wall. She discovered an interest in fitness during her 30’s, and was found it difficult having time to exercise without feeling guilty. It was because of this that she went on to found Cambridge Bootcamps – an all ladies outdoor boot-camp designed to help with their fitness aspirations. It’s a shift from the typical army based camps, moving toward a supportive and entertaining programme. Charlie’s drive to move from a general fitness interest, to creating an exciting bootcamp for Women is astonishingly inspirational.

Charlie is also a nutritional counsellor and runs Purple Fitness – a website providing nutritional advice, fitness tips, testimonials and so much more. Charlie was kind enough to share her inspirational fitness story with us and this is what she had to say…

A little bit about me…

“I was a fairly sporty child in that my Dad was VERY sporty so I had no choice other than to be involved.. But it wasn’t something I excelled at.. I went to a school who labelled people very early on, and I wasn’t the sporty one, so was always the last to be picked for teams.. which lead to an inner self esteem issue about “being good enough” 

I was good at Gymnastics, trampolining, dancing + diving though and enjoyed those when I did them. However when I reached 21 my father and brother were involved in a motorcycle accident which left my brother dead and my father severely disabled. My Dad was 48 at the time and a VERY active man, my brother was 18.

This obviously affected my life deeply and I rejected all forms of health/ sports (Including my degree in teaching P.E) in favour of a hedonistic lifestyle which left me weak, tired and numb. This went on for a good few years and I changed my career path to one which attracted more trauma and addiction (an addictions counsellor) thinking naively that I may be able to help others because of what had happened to me.

Life doesn’t work like that though, and after a rather messy divorce and being a young mum I had what can only be described a s a breakdown – It was at this time that I discovered (or re discovered exercise) .. as a new outlet to deal with my trauma..

This led to me quitting my job very suddenly (but this was the time of the break down so insight was low to zero ;-))

BUT strength and perseverance and a VERY patient counsellor got me through to where I am now which is the owner of the companies you have mentioned and a spirit which is being healed daily.

Now I love what I do, and I keep doing what I do because my Dad who loved it (and I took being able bodied for granted for too long) cannot do anything, and would give his ALL to be able to walk or move freely.

My son is now 15 and is very similar to me, in that he has the ability but is lazy. We do train together sometimes and this is something I cherish as I know in time he will also find a love for it which the youth take for granted.

I am a work in progress (still at 43) but I hope to inspire others to make the changes to their health that I have done, in the hope that they too can make others proud and more importantly themselves proud of their bodies. Our bodies change as we get older and as a woman I am aware that this is a struggle for most (many of which didn’t have a healthy body relationship to begin with) This is my mantra, and I have found that via my work now and social media I have the tools to reach + meet women I never thought possible (including yourselves)

I am very lucky!”

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