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Cambridge Bootcamps is not just about getting fit: it’s a way of life. The word ‘bootcamp’ might make you pause, conjuring up images of aggressive trainers screaming until you do one more burpee – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our trainers provide the guidance, encouragement and the motivation you need to get results – but we would never humiliate, embarrass or bully you.

We were the first company to set up a women-only bootcamp in Cambridge, and over the years hundreds of local, like-minded women have chosen to train with us all year round, rain or shine. Our camps take place around the city at different times of the day, so you’re guaranteed to find one that’ll fit in with your busy schedule.

We use a combination of training methods drawn from a multitude of disciplines, designed to target specific areas of your body while also increasing your overall fitness and strength. We don’t want to make you skinny – we want to make you strong.

Each bootcamp session starts with 7 minutes of warm up, before tackling the main activity that’s been created by your experienced bootcamp trainer. This could involve boxing, Crossfit-style body weight training, Tabata interval cardio work or circuits, or even playing stick-in-the-mud – you never know what you’re going to get until you turn up. This huge variety is one of the main reasons our bootcampers sign up and find themselves staying for years – there really is no fitness regime that’s quite like Cambridge Bootcamps.

We know you’re all unique: our trainers are qualified to adjust their sessions to suit your level of ability, or to accommodate long-term injuries or individual physical challenges. Pregnancy is no barrier to training with us – and many new mothers choose to start their journey back to fitness with Cambridge Bootcamps, because they know they’ll find an understanding environment in which to regain their strength.

For some sessions you’ll be working individually, at other times you’ll be in pairs, or perhaps in small groups – it depends on the activity. One of the main benefits to bootcamp is the community and sense of connection with the women training alongside you. Our welcoming atmosphere enables women to swiftly grow from being nervous newbies to core campers, confidently chatting with other members and striking up real, lasting friendships.

And the CBC community doesn’t stop at the end of each session: we have an active online forum where our women share experiences and ask questions – and have a lot of fun as well!

Even when you’re not at camp, CBC will still be around to encourage you towards your own health and fitness goals. One of these methods of support is our custom-made Nutrition Plan, which comes as standard with every bootcamp membership and is designed to ensure your body gets the fuel it needs to build strength and grow healthily. Based around the principles of clean eating, the CBC Nutrition Plan also takes female physiology into account and provides a hormone-friendly way of eating that’ll keep you balanced both inside and out.

If Cambridge Bootcamps is starting to sound like the system you need to kickstart your journey towards total health, then get in touch with our team today and book in for a free trial session. Pick a camp and a time – then bring your waterbottle, a mat to lie on and some season-appropriate clothing, and we’ll see you in the park…




There are a number of ways you can join Cambridge Bootcamps as we have tried to make it as flexible as possible for you.



6 Week Ladies Transformation Program

A program that comes with a guarantee on results


Coming Soon



12 Month Membership – Forever Strong

For those who are truly dedicated to their health and fitness!
Secure our LOWEST rate with a one-off payment. This membership equates to £49 per month.

Can be used at any Bootcamp location.
Unlimited sessions.
Private Facebook Group
Huge support and Massive accountability.
Events and Socials
Exclusive member benefits and discounts.
Free T-shirt.



6 Month Membership

Our most popular program. This has the power to change your lifestyle beyond recognition!

£69 per month
Direct Debit
Can be used at any Bootcamp location.
Unlimited sessions.
Minimum 6 month contract, then rolling month-to-month (cancel at any time).
Private Facebook Group
Huge support and Massive accountability.



3 Month Membership

A very popular 12 week process that will embed lifelong habits and cause a real transformation in your well being and appearance!

£79 per month
Direct Debit.
Can be used at any Bootcamp location.
Unlimited sessions.
Minimum 3 month contract agreement, then rolling month-to-month (cancel at any time).
Private Facebook Group




1Month Membership

A perfect option for people who may be restricted by the amount of time that they are around in Cambridge but want to throw themselves into as many sessions as they like before they go.

£89 one-off payment
Can be used at any Bootcamp location.
Unlimited sessions.
Minimum 1 month contract.
Private Facebook Group
Huge support and Massive accountability.



Pay as you Go | Cambridge Bootcamps

Pay as you Go is £9 per session. Perfect if your schedule doesn’t allow attending regular sessions.


Whatever package you buy, you’ll book into your bootcamps using the simple reservation system on our website. Each session is capped at a maximum of twenty or thirty women, and our bootcamps do fill up – especially in the warmer summer months!

The Cambridge Bootcamp experience comes as part of all the packages. Check out the lists below for the details.

What you will receive as part of your CBC experience.

Access to online private forums, filled with daily motivation and support;

The CBC Nutrition Guide;

Monthly recipe ideas;

CBC key fobs to access discounts with local businesses;

A FREE recipe e-Book.

Free Tee-shirt on joining.

Purples will get all the above plus :-

Unlimited access to all Bootcamp sessions + locations at any time;

Discounts on CBC events and workshops.



Each women-only workout is unique, created by Cambridge Bootcamps’ trainers using a eclectic and challenging mix of styles including bodyweight exercise, kettlebells, tabatta training, circuits and more.

The content of every session will be different, but the structure remains the same. We’ll warm up together for around 5-10mins, before getting into the main workout session for around 30mins, then we’ll cool down and stretch off at the end. The whole session will take 45 minutes in total.

You might be set to work alone, in pairs, or as part of a larger team, depending on the workout set for that day. And we’ll be exercising outdoors, whatever the weather – so dress appropriately for the season!

Bring a mat, a full water bottle, and be ready to work hard…