Take a look at some of the great results our Bootcamps have achieved.

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Jessica W

“I have had the good fortune to have found both Cambridge Bootcamps and had PT sessions with Charlie Wall. I can say that both have been life-changing experiences. Charlie had a holistic approach to my training and treated me as an individual taking into account all aspects of my lifestyle before building an appropriate and realistic program. Within the first month I already felt stronger and leaner than ever before, and benefitted enormously from her advice on diet and nutrition. To say she revolutionised my caffeine and chocolate addictions is a major understatement!

Unlike other personal instructors Charlie really practices what she preaches and works hard to keep up to date in a constantly moving fitness industry. This makes her not only a safe and well-informed instructor but also a font of knowledge. In a world of so much conflicting fitness advice she remains my trusted go-to source of information and advice.

Charlie is kind, fun and motivating. Her sessions are always well planned and whizz by with laughter. I have always been so glad I took the plunge to invest in personal training with Charlie. I could list the many races run and sporting events completed, but more important than any of this is the confidence she has given me to stay healthy, fit and well for years to come!”

Mrs. H

“I had a deep rooted preconception that only women with more money (time and self obsession) than sense had 1-2-1 “coaching” sessions. I am not one of those women. It was with some confusion (and a little shame) that I found myself turning to Charlie Wall for weekly 1-2-1 sessions over a year ago.

I was on a circular path of self destruction striving for perfection everywhere and unsurprisingly finding it nowhere. A series of difficult family and work events had led to a desperate pattern and “self help” programme (read “escape”) of: comfort eating, exercise, fit camps, juicing retreats, alcohol, cigarettes etc. over a period of two years.

Charlie is a rare being. She is very very good at what she does. I don’t overstate her impact if I say that she rescued me from a spiral of despair that I could not find a way out of (although I am usually a self reliant, strong, independent person). Each week Charlie disarmed me with her acute insight, no nonsense approach and extensive expertise and armed me with advice and strategies to begin to take care of myself. After each valuable weekly session I came away with food (for thought). Charlie gave me a support infrastructure, expert advice, accountability and direction.

So. If you are a little bit broken (or a lot broken) or if you need support, information, counselling or just plain old “help”, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Charlie. She fixed me. I like myself again.”

Anna Marsden

“Dear Charlie

I just wanted to say a big “thank you” especially to you for running such a great group. It’s only been a month and I can actually see and feel the results already! I’ve lost 13.3 inches! I never thought I’d be up for a bootcamp style of training, especially at 6.15 in the morning, but I absolutely love the variety of exercises and the fun way you weave exercises into games. This really keeps me interested, and I thank you for that.

“The support from the group, both online via the Facebook group and offline in the mud is great, and being a multi aged all-female group is an added bonus! Thanks also for putting so much thought into the social and ensuring newbies like me got to properly speak to all other CBCers… and drink a little wine J. I’ve just booked my place in the Eurogames in Stockholm with my footie team … and I feel, I may just about be fit enough. And as for the ski slopes, bring on the blacks!”


“I have joined Cambridge Bootcamp on March 2014, few days after I turned 30. I have to say that this was the best decision I have done to myself in a very long time. It was definitely my 30th birthday gift to myself for life. Being an international PhD student here, I am always stressed out and homesick. I sit 9+ hours on my desk daily, I do not have any interactions with anyone except few people throughout the week, it was not looking good and was probably going to get a lot worse as I got more stressed out with my studies.

“I started looking for a women’s only gym around Cambridge, where I can feel comfortable, because I wear a head scarf and I was not very comfortable going to the gym all covered up. So after coming across Cambridge Bootcamp several times, I decided to email Charlie, she was very quick in her replies and answered all my questions and was very welcoming and enthusiastic.

“I learned many things in the past months, how to try to eat better, exercise the right way, how to listen to my own body and push it harder, and most importantly how strong I really am. I am definitely not doing all the right things that I should, I can not resist chocolate, but I have stopped eating chips at least and made other food related health decisions.

“Cambridge Bootcamp is also definitely the place to find support, the ladies are all wonderful and supportive and Charlie is amazing. I did not feel uncomfortable a single day about showing up covering my hair or wearing long sleeves and leggings when the temperature got warmer. Everyone is there to work out to the max and get better, whatever their challenges or personal goals are.

“It is sad to know that my time with Cambridge Bootcamp will end when I get my degree, but its definitely one of those things that happen in life that do not fade away but becomes part of you. I will be going back home stronger, more confident, definitely more educated in food choices and a lot more. It is still early to say my goodbyes, but for now I will try to push harder and lower my chocolate intake!”


“CBC will challenge you in a way you never thought possible; plus the workouts are always changing, so you don’t feel like you are doing the same boring exercise over and over.

“You will be pushed and if you’re stubborn like me, you will be cursing for the whole 45 minutes – but when you leave, drenched in sweat, you will already be signing up for the next block. It’s fun, exciting, hard and fantastic. The trainers and other campers are so welcoming and helpful – you never feel out of place and you are always supported.

“It has been 12 months since I’ve trained with CBC and I’m now thousands of miles away, but I still miss it so much. I will be forever grateful for their guidance and support.”

Mary Shoesmith

“Picture this – a rather overweight woman with a persistent shoulder injury, who sits at her computer feeling that she’ll never lose weight or get fitter because every time she exercises, her injury flares up.

“Out of the blue, an advert pops up at the side of the screen – for a ‘bootcamp’, of all things. The rather overweight, somewhat depressed woman finds herself replying to the advert – and to this day she has no idea what possessed her to do such a thing!

“But I did, and at the other end was an angel – who will from now on be referred to as Charlie.

“With Charlie’s personal and ever-encouraging approach to training, my shoulder went from strength to strength and just eight months later I can do a full press-up (or sometimes two!)  I have even been known to win a ‘plank off’ – and if you want to know what a “plank off” is, then you’ll just have to come along…

“Cambridge Bootcamp is now a way of life for me, and I have Charlie’s enthusiasm and dedication to thank for that. Thanks Charlie – you are literally a life saver.”

Helen Scott

“Unlike the American army-style boot camps with lots of testosterone, this bootcamp is encouraging and entertaining at the same time. You feel like everyone is supporting you, nobody is judging and the only one you’re really in competition with is yourself.

“At the time of writing I’ve been attending bootcamp for over three months and I’m still going, which surprises me no end – but if anything involving exercise can be said to be fun, then Cambridge Bootcamps is it. Playing games (some with really scary names that I’ve repressed) hasn’t turned out to be too bad, and hill sprints in the sun at a place I never even knew existed [Gog Magog Hills] was interesting. There have been cards, and balls, and bean bags, and kettlebells, and through it there has been lots of laughing and bonding together to just get through the next damned exercise!

“I only lasted two weeks exercising in front of the TV in the evening, but twice a week I drag myself out of the flat to bootcamp – as that is the only way that I’m ever going to get any exercise. It’s working though – I’ve lost two inches off my waist and about two stone. I don’t keep an exact record but you notice when your trousers that were too tight start to fall down!

“The thing that is also unique about Cambridge Bootcamps is the added value that comes through the online support sites. There’s so much nutritional advice that’s not only simple to follow, but which also explains why we should make these nutritional decisions. In a society that’s growing in obesity and terminal illnesses, it is refreshing to find a sound and a sensible guide to a healthier lifestyle.”

Jo Mitchem

“I’d been looking at doing some sort of intensive training and considered a weekend-long bootcamp, but my brother thought this wasn’t right for me, did some research and found Cambridge Bootcamps… and I can’t thank him enough.

“This has been more than a new type of training: it really has been life changing. The camaraderie and support I got from Charlie and the rest of the amazing ladies has been absolutely priceless.  It has turned into my daily therapy, and has really got me thinking about my life.

“I lost count of the number of diets I tried that lasted a few days before I cheated, and have read hundreds of nutrition books but never really adopted healthy eating whole-heartedly. I thought I was eating a fairly OK diet, until I spoke to Charlie and realised that I’d been kidding myself. So I took the bull by the horns and embraced the detox 100% with only one slip up, which for me is an amazing achievement.

“The exercise at bootcamp has been brilliant. Getting up at 5.45am three mornings a week and driving into Cambridge from Bassingbourn is not a chore – in fact I’ve found I love being up at that time. The cold and the rain would have put me off under any other circumstances, but nothing is going to stop me now!

“Everyone I’ve seen recently has commented on how healthy I look, which is so lovely to hear – and my husband has also promised me a new wardrobe when (not if) I get down to a size 10.  My results are better than I ever expected and has just proven that if I focus and give it 100%, I can do it! I haven’t felt this pleased with myself since having my children.

“I am doing something that’s just for me but by doing this, I will become a good role model for my girls – as well as a wife, daughter, sister and friend to be proud of.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!”

Amy Wright

“I’ve learned a few things about myself over the last four weeks of bootcamp and taking part in the Little Black Dress challenge.

“Healthwise, I’ve noticed my IBS has not been triggered at all over the last four weeks. Without being too graphic, most days I would get horrendous stomach cramps and bloating, etc, but since this I’ve had nothing, nada!

“For me, this has changed from a short competition to an overhaul of my lifestyle. Yes, there will be times when I want a treat – but it can’t be a daily occurrence. I need to establish which of the food groups are the triggers for my IBS, so will need to implement them individually before promptly removing them from my diet again.

“Overall, this has been such a positive experience for me; my confidence has increased as my inches have dropped off.”

Claire Hewitson

“I started at Cambridge Bootcamps a year ago when I moved to Cambridge and wanted to meet some like-minded people. I love to exercise, and thought this was a great way to keep fit and meet other people – and I haven’t been disappointed!

“Cambridge Bootcamps has motivated me to exercise throughout the year. I love the feeling of finishing the 6.30am bootcamps knowing that I have worked hard, and I still have the whole day ahead of me. I leave feeling energised, and ready to take on the world!

“It’s such a beautiful way to start the day, watching the sun come up – even in winter! It doesn’t take you long to get warm and the fresh air is invigorating. Charlie and her team of trainers will ensure you work hard – and I’ve also met some great people who have continued to inspire me to stay fit, even when my own energy levels have been low.”

Claire M

“Starting bootcamp came as a bit of a shock. It wasn’t actually ‘thought through’ but I really wanted to get fit and tone up last year, just before my 40th. I had a little voice in my head saying that unless I trimmed up, I would always be stuck at that size.

“So when an email dropped through from Charlie on a Sunday night, it seemed like a good idea to at least try bootcamp… and less than twelve hours later I was not only one session down, but also on a new eating regime. How fast is that?

“I’m really happy with the progress that I’ve made and I’m happy to be this far down the road, but I know that there’s a really exciting six months ahead… and I’m looking forward to holding my head high in the summer.”

Magz Powell

“I’m Magz, a 36-year-old married mum of two girls and I attend bootcamp twice weekly. I have suffered with depression on and off since my early twenties, and have felt incredibly low in the past year.

“Eight weeks ago I was two and a half stone overweight. I was also miserable, argumentative, and tired all the time – plus my get up and go had got up and gone, and my self confidence had dwindled to an all time low. I found aerobic classes boring and repetitive, and the gym was no better because I could slack off too easily.

“A good friend of mine was doing bootcamp, and judging by her Facebook status updates she was loving it – so I asked her what it was and she led me to the Cambridge Bootcamps website. I signed up on a whim then panicked about looking like a blob, not being able to do it, making myself look stupid, not keeping up, feeling self conscious etc – but I’d signed up, so I HAD to go!

“It’s now 6/7 weeks since I signed up. I am almost a stone lighter, my body is starting to look toned, I have more energy, I am happier, my confidence is back, I want to go out and do things and I look forward to exercising because I actually enjoy it!

“For me, doing exercise outside is really energising. I don’t feel restricted like I had done in the past in a gym or hall – I feel free. I’ve had sessions in the rain, high winds and frost, and am looking forward to the snow!  Each session is structured differently so it’s never boring and I like not knowing what we are going to be doing when I make my way there.

“I’ve made some great new friends at camp and the trainer is supportive, thorough, approachable and always there to give you a boost when you need it.

“My friends have noticed the change in me, my husband much prefers his ‘new’ wife, my girls love having a fun mum and most importantly, I am loving ME!”

Sara Barrett

“I’ve been attending Cambridge Bootcamps for at least 18 months, and I can say it’s one of the best things I have done for myself in years!

“I was very undecided whether it was for me or not – I kept looking at the advert and trying to pluck up the courage to call and I’m so glad I did.

“I have been privileged to meet and train with some of the loveliest, most supportive people you could wish to meet. The girls are fabulous, friendly and the encouragement from the whole group is excellent – everybody wants you to succeed. The trainers are all lovely, experienced and nothing is too much trouble.

“My health, body and mind have been transformed. I have gone from being an overweight, unfit, unhealthy 40-a-day smoker to someone who can run a 12k assault course and come 11th out of a group of over 40 women – and all this at the age of 45!

“If you are looking for a way of keeping fit you couldn’t make a better choice. Training outside in all weather is just part of the fun – where else would someone of my age get a chance to play Snowballs, British Bulldog or even on occasion Tag!

“Another benefit is the additional support regarding health and nutrition. This has taught me so much, and made me understand what my body needs to be the best it can. So if you are thinking about joining – just do it, like me! It may just be the best thing you can do for yourself.”

Georgina Scull

“Why CBC rocks I find it hard to express how much joining Cambridge Bootcamp has changed my life.

“When I signed up in Jan 2013 I was overweight and depressed. I had just moved back to the UK after living for more than a decade overseas. I’d lost another pregnancy, could have no more, and nearly died in the process. Basically, we were starting again. All the pressure and pain were dealt with in the only way I knew how: eating. And then I joined CBC. At first I was the slowest.

“But gradually I gained speed and confidence in my ability, and am eating the best diet of my life. I’ve lost 50cm + from across my body and have never felt better. We used to live by a beach but I never took my toddler swimming. I do now. Not totally comfortable in my own skin, but getting there. CBC is unlike any sport I’ve done before.

“Charlie pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves and everyone is friendly, with no cattiness allowed! The morning workouts book mark my week. They make me go to bed early and look after myself. Last weekend I went paddle boarding for the first time. Soon I hope to do a 5-10k run.”

Pamela Mungroo

“I joined Cambridge Boot Camp because I wanted to lose weight and end up with a body to rival Halle Berry’s; which it turns out, is practically impossible for me to achieve … unless I grow a foot taller, grow bigger lady lumps and lose the limp!

“Over the last 11 months I have learnt from Charlie that size, shape and physical ability are not obstacles to the development of strength, confidence and personal growth.

“Cambridge Boot Camp is not just a group of women exercising together and supporting one another, it’s a change in personal attitude and a healthy lifestyle that creeps up on you, without you realising!!

“Through Charlie’s support and expertise I am stronger than I have been in a long time and … d’you know what? I have realised that I am actually HAPPY with the physicality I have and now understand that I am the one in charge of the changes that I make in my life.

“Thank you Charlie Wall; and thank you for always leading by example!!”

Lizzie Wark

“Just 8 weeks ago I was a size 18, hugely unhappy and like many women desperately searching of a way to shape up and get fit (and this time stick to it!). I’ve always struggled with my weight, a massive comfort eater and a Mum with anorexia meant my relationship with food was distorted and unhealthy. I’ve tried and failed many times at losing weight and have spent the majority of the last 5yrs between a size 16/20.

“I love sport and always have but have often felt too self conscious to ever give 100% – consistently worrying about my size. Now? Well, I’m only 8weeks in to my bootcamp journey but I’ve already dropped 2 dress sizes, lost over 20 inches and my confidence has gone through the roof.  I’m enjoying sport again – 100%.I cannot actually believe how much my body shape AND fitness has been sculpted and improved dramatically in such a short space of time. I’m only at the beginning of my journey and am so so excited to continue on in this adventure.

“For me, joining Cambridge Bootcamps has become far more than about sliming down and toning up. Ive actually discovered a heart felt passion for fitness, I absolutely LOVE it. Not only do I love it, but I have been truly inspired to hope and dream of becoming a trainer myself one day. Bootcamp has enabled me to believe in myself and what I can achieve, and that is priceless.

“Charlie Wall has created something amazingly unique and hugely powerful in Cambridge Bootcamps. Not only is it the BEST way to get fit and strong, but what Charlie’s Bootcamps offer is an incredible support network beyond the fitness. Constant online access to sound nutritional advice, daily motivation, updates on individual progress, news on upcoming events, chats with ladies from all of the camps etc all of this is invaluable and what I believe helps Charlie’s camps stand out from the crowd.

“It’s not only a fantastic way of losing weight, gaining fitness and learning how best to nourish your body, but what you’ll find with Cambridge Bootcamps is a community of strong inspirational REAL women, you’ll discover exercise can be FUN, you’ll make life long friends and discover a new energy and zest for life. I cannot thank Charlie and her team enough for all that they have done for me. I feel like a different person inside and out. I have my sparkle back, my drive, my determination, my happiness. I could not possibly recommend it more. It’s changed my life, let it change yours. What are you waiting for?”



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