Want to join us, but worried you might not be able to make it to bootcamp? Don’t worry – we can bring camp to you with the Cambridge Bootcamps #TRIBE – an online programme of exercise, clean eating and all the support you need to transform your personal health and fitness.


This scheme runs for a three week block and provides you with a 15 minute-long bodyweight or kettlebell workout six days of each week. You’ll also get daily access to me and other members of the #TRIBE in our private Facebook group, as well as a food plan, expert nutritional advice and a recipe book packed with inspirational meal ideas.

Our #TRIBE women join us from all over the world for many different reasons: some have childcare challenges or transport issues, and some are just too busy to make the trip to the Cambridge parks where our regular camps meet – but if you join the #TRIBE and follow our plan, you’ll get the same results as our outdoor bootcampers.
I’m one of the UK’s leading fitness coaches and if you let me, I promise I can help you feel better in just three weeks.

Join us online – sign up for #TRIBE now…

I know you tell us not to rely on a pair of scales, but thanks to a helping hand from you I have now lost four stone since beginning bootcamp in January. #TRIBE has really helped kick me back into the swing of things and remind me how much I love eating healthily and exercising. I’m starting to get definition in areas of my body that I never had before, and I have lost nearly one whole stone since beginning this #TRIBE block.

I’ve eaten so much healthy food, haven’t broken my clean eating once and have loved it – so I know I have done it the proper way.

Thank you so much for being so inspiring. When I stepped on the scales I nearly cried. I always used to yo-yo diet, and have never been smaller than 13 stone – and now I’ve dropped beneath the 12 mark, I am SO HAPPY.